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When veterinary surgery sometimes hangs on a thread

At the end of the sixties, synthetic sutures came on the market. The aim of its fabrication was not only to assure supplies,. but also to meet an increasing demand for improvement concerning the quality of the sutures which, with a judicious choice, could correspond in the best way for each type of operation. 

Almost 50 years later, and following many studies, analyses and improved techniques for production, the elaboration of products may now help the surgeon to optimize  his  success in his operations.


Intrinsic qualities of absorbable synthetic strings

  1. It elicits a minimal acute inflamed reaction in tissues due to an excellent biocompatibility
  2. Ideal absorption time according to the chosen string
  3. Constance de cette résorption dans le temps, nonobstant l'état de santé du patient au moment de l'intervention
  4. Great resistance to traction
  5. Consistent grading throughout the whole length of the string
  6. Excellent knot holding
  7. Excellent handling:
    - pleasant to touch
    - great suppleness...

Moreover, synthetic strings allow for a very long production of segments.  This avoids knotting in different presentations  and therefore economizes on the use of strings.

And, when taking precautions into consideration, the excellent quality of packaging guarantees a good conservation and an optimal sterility.

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