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What doctors say :

Dr Joost Coghe, Vet at Roeselare
Western Flanders, Belgium

Veterinary surgeon since 94, Joost Coghe started out as a university assistant in Gand and Liege. He brilliantly submitted a thesis about bovine respiratory complex. He then started his career as a practitioner in the winter of 2001 in Rosalare, Western Flanders. 
Passionate for his  career, human contact, the precision of diagnosis, he, along with his fellow colleagues, became captivated by synthetic sutures. He underlines the great qualities and the suppleness when using the product. During a caesarian Mono-Dox™ guarantees a complete watertightness and airtightness of the uterine wound; Visorb™ guarantees healed muscles with practically no fibrosis. Moreover, the skin wound turns out perfectly.

Dr Philippe Raquin, Vet in Montceau-les-Mines
Saône and Loire, France

Having obtained his diploma in Lyon, Philippe Raquin started his professional career in 1996. He worked as an assistant in southern Burgundy, Saint Bonnet-de-Joux near Charolles. In January 2001 he set up in Montceau-les-Mines with his colleagues.   As a descendant from this region, he greatly appreciates the contact with the farming world; a key factor for his choice of profession. An ardent defender of Charolais, he chose Mono-Dox™ following a presentation of the product.
« The suture slides easily, doesn’t tear tissues and is very easy to use. »

Dr Jean-Pierre Daman, Vet in Paray-le-Monial
Saône and Loire, France

Of Belgian origin, holder of a diploma in Cureghem, 1984, Jean-Pierre Daman chose to move to France where he developed an essentially farming clientele in many regions. He settled in Saone and Loire. He learnt during his studying years that this would be a place with plenty of work. Jean-Pierre loves outdoor life, action and movement. When Catgut disappeared he searched for a new quality thread, easy to work with and which would be watertight and practical to work with. Research wasn’t easy. By chance he met Michel Frere. He obtained his details and placed his first order.
« When I first started using Mono-Dox™ I felt reassured ! It slides well, the knots hold well; I no longer need to fear tearing the tissues… »

Dr Jacques Manière, Vet in Decise
Nièvre, France

Jacques Manière’s passion for veterinary medicine started well back in his youth. His father bred and selected Charolais. In 1976 he obtained his diploma at Lyon University . He has always worked in Burgundy. He started out as an assistant in Côte d’Or and in Saône and, then settled  in Nièvre in 1979. « What I like most about my career is being able to follow the process step by step: The choice of  breeding stock, the embryonic transplant, the insemination, keeping a close watch using scans, birth. »
Why choose Mono-Dox™? « The principal of monofilament is intellectually more satisfying, especially for uterine sutures. In Nievre, we perform caesarians on the right ; we feel our way through. The suture is very strong and slides really well. There is, however, a certain amount of rigidity which helps maintain a feeling. Moreover, making knots is quite easy. »

Dr Michel Bihain, Vet in Sibret.
Province de Luxembourg in  Ardennes, Belgium

Michel Bihain is a farmer’s son. His interest for his job came from his father. Nowadays, farming is a real family business: his three brothers and two brothers-in-law are also in the business.   Michel Bihain left Cureghem in 1982 and developed a mostly rural clientele centered round white blue belgian cattle as well as milking and mixed herds. He enjoys the contact with the farming world and is particularly interested in prevention.
So, why did he choose Mono-Dox™ and Visorb™ ? « I had heard about it. I tested them for myself. I was then able to realize that certain remarks I had heard weren’t justified .These strings are solid and safe to work with. They limit most post-operative problems ».

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